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Nearly two years after the tsunami... 

A Healing Among Nations was asked to help by offering trauma recovery to the villagers. We gathered a team together consiting of a film maker, a journalist, a village planner and architect and myself, the founder of AHAN. The last few days of our trip we met Kumari Kulatunga, who I call the Mother Teresa of Matara. She is a force of hope and strength and introduced us to the women who were still living with nothing in the refugee camps. I asked them what they needed and they told me sewing machines and lace making pillows. They said that $150 per sewing machine and $20 for a lace making pillow would put them back into business. The local Convent offered their lower floor for free as it had been damaged by the tsunami and the girls were too scared to study there. So within two days we were up and running. Within the next six months we acquired enough machines to open a collective for all the women of the city and enable them to recover emotionally by being together and being productive.

Now, their blessing shawls are available with all the love and gratitude in their hearts.
They are 100% handwoven cotton and have the blessing 'May you be blessed' embroidered in each one. Each blessing shawl is unique and of different colors. State which color range you are interested in and enjoy the delightful surprise of their simple, yet elegant beauty.
These are a rare gift which touches every single heart that has purchased one so far. It comes with a beautiful four color postcard and photos of the women and their Healing Hands Collective straight from the Mothers of Matara.

A blessing shawl is a $35 donation and wholesale quantity orders of 12 or more are $19 each. Use them for your own fundraiser or host a tea for your friends for Christmas and show our 12 minute mini-movie, Mothers of Matara.

Coming soon: custom made blessing wedding blankets, birth blankets and the love wrap.
Also coming are a line of greeting cards, photographs, pearls, and 22kt gold jewelry. Please let us know if these products will be of interest to you and join our mailing list now for exciting updates.

Photos by Judy Host



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